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Give Mom Some Love!
While afternoon teas, flowers, and dinners with family are always favorite gifts to give Mom on Mother’s Day, this year we are challenging you to give her something that will remind her day in and day out just how special she is! Our 2014 Mother’s Day Collection is a great way to let her know you love her and we are certain that one (or many!) of these pieces will just call out and say “pick me” when it comes to gift giving for that special Mom in your life!
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Momma Sweetlove with Bebe...Hugs To Remember


Momma Sweetlove and Bebe take time to celebrate a warm embrace like only a mom and child can do. This special, hand-sculpted Bearstone figurine shows the love that comes from that special hug…making this "Hugs to Remember" collectible the perfect way to give her a hug that lasts forever!

Mimi Sweetlove...Grandma's Special Recipe


When it comes to the kitchen, a Mom may know how to get dinner on the table, but Grandmas can really bake up some love like no other! Grandmothers are the sweetest of them all and should be celebrated for their “spoiling” kind of love that only they can give. Celebrate Grandma on this special occasion with a gift of Mimi Sweetlove as she whips up Grandma's Special Recipe!

Momma's Got-It-All Tote with Mabel McNibble

Item#: 4040526

You know the bag...the one Mom carries that has everything you need in it when any situation comes up. Got a cut, she’s got a band-aid! Got a loose button? Needle and thread on hand in a flash! Whether you need a pen, a brush, a piece of gum or even some aspirin or tissues, we are sure Momma’s Got-It-All Tote has it all inside! Flip open the top of this hinged treasure box to find little Mabel McNibble and a specially inscribed Mother's Day message just for her!

Mommy Sweetlove...Waiting for Baby


Celebrating those who are ready to welcome a brand new baby to the family, Mommy Sweetlove can’t help but already have fallen in love with the little one in her belly. As she waits to find out if it’s a boy or if it’s a girl, this glowing mommy to be is dressed in green and pink and ready for the excitement and challenges that motherhood has in store for her. And while no one could ever tell if her little bundle might wear blue or pink, we bet her mothering instincts have already kicked in and she just might have a clue. Makes a great gift for the expectant mom on Mother's Day or any day!

Can you believe this outstanding Mother’s Day collection we’ve put together? If you think that’s all, then we’ve got a great surprise...log into the Friends of Boyds sections (members-only, of course!) and see a few extra pieces from this year’s collection! They are just as great as these...and then some!

Hearts of Gold Contest Winner
We are proud to announce the winner of our Boyds Bears “Hearts of Gold” promotion!
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We are proud to announce that Marcie Frishberg, of New Fairfield, Conn. is the winner of our Boyds Bears “Hearts of Gold” promotion. Marcie is a volunteer for the Rabbit Rescue & Rehab. Our Boyds Bears team is excited to make a $1,000 donation to the Rabbit Rescue & Rehab to help them continue their important work. To honor Marcie, our brilliant design team is busy working on a new bear based on her volunteer efforts! Congratulations Marcie! Your dedication and support of Rabbit Rescue & Rehab serves as an inspiration for all of us here at Boyds Bears. Thank you again to all who participated in this contest. We received so many stories from amazing volunteers and thank each and every one of you for having a heart of gold. Happy National Volunteer Week! We encourage you to check back for more news, updates and promotions so you know the latest and greatest from Boyds Bears!

A New Group Travels the Bunny Trail in 2014!
The birds will begin chirping and the trees will start to bloom and before you know it another Easter season will be upon us. We couldn’t let this holiday go by without a stellar, and colorful new cast to the Boyds family in our 2014 Easter Collection. We’re sure there is something for everyone’s Easter baskets...and then some!
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Buffy Cottontail


If you are looking for a colorful Spring, Buffy Cottontail is your girl! Our sweet, tan and white 12-inch bunny wears a white dress top with a rainbow of stripes and polka dotted pants underneath of an equally colorful style. A hand-stitched nose and mouth and a single pink rosette in her ear make this hare the talk of the bunny trail!

Lily's Chick with Eggbert McNibble


Don’t lose that special Easter gift in the madness of straw found inside your Easter basket! Lily's Chick treasure box is just the ticket for your gift-giving fun! This bright yellow chick is big enough not to get lost and functional enough to stash that small gift in! This treasure box features oversized orange webbed feet that will give everyone it meets a chuckle. Flip it open to meet Eggbert McNibble, who is sitting inside as he holds his own colored egg. A great gift for anyone on this special day!

Fluffy Cottontail

Item#: 4038184

Nothing is as pure and innocent as a little white hare with perky ears and an impressive 14-inch stature (ears not included!). Fluffy Cottontail wears an incredibly colorful outfit full of all the hues and designs you’ve come to expect from Easter time. She’s got pink and purple stripes, yellow and green polka dots (and every possible variation of the two!) on her paw pads, inner ears and neck ribbon for a perfect Easter time creation!

Dottie Cottontail...Signs of Spring


Some days she’s feeling the spots, and others it’s the stripes...but for some reason when Dottie Cottontail is faced with this dilemma today, she just couldn’t decide! So what you get is a hand-sculpted hare who has dressed herself in both! This intricate creation features an oversized bow with colorful Easter stripes and paw pads that are spotted to add just a little more color to her white fur! Makes a great addition to any Easter basket.

Lily's Easter Basket...An Egg-stra Surprise

Item#: 4038008

As Lily was venturing out for a stroll down the bunny trail, she happened upon a sweet Easter Basket just for her! She is dressed in a sea of vibrant colors that one might expect to find on colored eggs everywhere. Nestled inside her basket is some truly amazing treats, including a chick who has found himself a new home! A great Easter keepsake!

Easter season doesn’t last hurry down to your beloved Boyds retailer and pick up your Easter Boyds plush and resin items today before the shelves are empty and the only thing left to put in the basket is a few painted eggs and straw!

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Hearts of Gold Contest Update (Part 2)
Our final winner will be announced soon!
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Thank you to all who nominated volunteers for our Boyds Bears “Hearts of Gold” contest. Our final winner will be announced during National Volunteer Week, April 6-12, 2014. Congratulations to all of our nominees and thank you to all who volunteer!

Hearts of Gold Contest Update
Congratulations to our six finalists in the Hearts of Gold Contest!
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We’re excited to announce the finalists of our Boyds Bears “Heart of Gold” contest! Congratulations to our six finalists:

  • Rhonda H. - Minnesota
  • Carrie M. - Georgia
  • Toni A. - Georgia
  • Marcie F. - Connecticut
  • Marci M. - North Carolina
  • Cindy W. - West Virginia

Now, we need your help to choose the winner. Visit our Boyds Bears Facebook page to vote. Simply “like” our page and “like” the nominee you feel best represents our Hearts of Gold content.

Be sure to “like” your favorite nominee on our page so we can keep track of the votes! We can’t track “likes” when you share a post on your own page.

Don’t forget, our winner will receive a $1,000 donation to the organization of their choice, and a Boyds Bear inspired by our winner’s volunteer efforts. Facebook voting is open until Wednesday, March 26 at 11:59 p.m. EST so vote now!.

Think Spring with Boyds!
When you think of spring, you think of birds chirping, flowers blooming, and everything turning green and sunny. And while those are some of the things that make us smile in the spring time, our brand new Spring creations were designed to help you celebrate the season and everything it has to offer…right along with us.
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Kirstie Tillington...Summer's Bounty


Nothing is as tasty as the bounty of a hard day’s labor. Kirstie Tillington is as pleased as she could be as she carries the bounty of Spring and Summer right in her very own paws! This hand-sculpted treasure is showing the world that she’s got a knack for gardening by reaping the harvest of the warm sunshine. Check out that full crop inside her basket to see just how generous Mother Nature has been.

Carson's Carrot With Julienne McNibble

A Veggie Cart full of Treasure Boxes!

Item#:4040520 & Item#:4041597

When you are looking for something tasty, we’ve got the perfect snacks for you. If you need a little crunch, why not try a crisp carrot like Carson's Carrot to hit the spot! Or if you’re in the mood for something spicy, you could dunk Belle's Pepper into some tasty vegetable dip. These garden friendly treasure boxes were designed by our very own local veggie farmer and are sure to add a little fun to your tabletop décor. Open the lids to find one of our McNibble friends inside with a flavorful message you are sure to love!

Sophie Sowinseed

Item#: 4040332

Looks like someone’s got her paws dirty as she pulls a few radishes from her vegetable garden. Sophie Sowinseed is dressed for the gardening task at hand in a bright yellow smock featuring a "Home Grown" sentiment on its pocket; atop her khaki colored shorts. Check out the colorful print on her gardening boots, too…the perfect accessory for a delightful gardening ensemble all season long!

Kirstie Tillington


Kirstie Tillington wears a melon colored top with floral print capris and an oversized gardening hat for a day of leisurely gardening. She’s not quite sure what she wants to plant, but has her trowl and a variety of seeds in paw, to get the ball rolling. Bet you can’t wait to see what she’s planted...but you’ll have to wait until it grows to know just what it was!

Lucky to be a Boyds Collector
There’s no need to hunt leprechauns, chase rainbows, or search for pots of gold this St. Patrick’s Day because those with the luck are the ones who celebrate with one of our specially designed bears! Our brand new Irish-loving collection of bears are ready to show you the path to that four leaf clover...all you gotta do is take them home!
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Finn Flannigan, 10-inch


Feeling lucky? Just give good old Finn Flannigan a hug and you’ll feel the luck! Bringing the luck of the Irish to everyone he meets, Finn comes with his own assortment of four leaf clovers…from the ones on his green satin neck ribbon to the embroidered one found on his right paw pad! You won’t need a blarney stone to kiss with this guy around...we promise!

Heather McBearsley...For The Love Of Ireland


Enjoying the rolling hills and grassy knolls of Ireland, Heather McBearsley carries her luck right along with her in the colorful bunch of blooms in her paw. This lucky lass wears her favorite dress, donned with shamrock accents just for you. Hand-sculpted in great detail, this Bearstone® figurine makes a great gift for anyone who has a love for the Irish!

“May Your Pockets Be Heavy And Your Heart Be Light, May Good Luck Pursue You Each Morning And Night." - Irish Blessing

Heather's Bouquet with Sprig McNibble

Item#: 4038012

Celebrating St. Patrick’s day with the brightest purple blooms you’ve ever laid your eyes on, Heather’s Bouquet will surely bring a little luck and a lot of smiles to anyone who gets it. Open up the lid to meet Sprig McNibble who is nestled safely inside this detailed treasure box! We know any recipient of this Irish bunch of flowers will consider themself lucky!

Even if you are feeling Lucky, you won’t want to take a chance and miss out on these great St. Patrick’s Day items. Hurry to your Boyds retailer to scoop these lucky charms up before your luck (and time) runs out!

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