Let Boyds Bears Decorate Your Holidays!

Ever since the first Boyds Bear was created way back when, we've been inspired by the holidays and have always had those festivities in the back of our mind as we created new and endearing products. Even though our bears may be hibernating for an extended amount of time after this season, we know that throughout the past, our collectors have added our critters to their holidays and they will live on Christmas after Christmas...for many years to come. This, our final holiday collection of plush and resin bears are designed to add some sparkle to your holidays, dressed in traditional reds and greens, and will become as much a part of your holidays as the big guy himself. Check out the newest holiday creations and head to your Boyds retailer to get them before they disappear!


Christopher Kringle


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Our plush Paw Dealer Exclusive, Christopher Kringle is a whopping 14-inch holiday creation who is sure to jingle the bells of your friends and family this Chrstmas. Christopher has a golden plush fur coat and is dressed in a simple red and green velveteen hat with faux fur trim. With a few colored bells around his neck and a Paw Exclusive foot label, you won’t want to celebrate the holidays without this big guy being at the party!

Santa Sweetnick


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This limited edition Santa is dressed in a traditional red Santa suit, but is equally as unique as you will ever find. Santa Sweetnick measures 14-inch tall, wears a candy-making apron and carries a gingerbread house in his arms. With a festive peppermint inspired shirt and buttons, this jolly fella is guaranteed to be the sweetest Santa around this year!

Christmas Command Central


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When you want the whole workshop on your tree, our Christmas Command Central is just the thing to hang. Our Santa's Workshop ornament gift set comes complete with Santa and Mrs. Claus, a reindeer who is ready to lead the way and the head elf who is working to ensure the whole operation is a smooth ride!



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The party of the season is upon us and now that the Winter Ball has arrived, Bailey is making her mark at the annual event in a deep red, cocktail length party dress with shimmering, sheer overlay and black empire waist bow. This 8" golden girl accessorizes with an ear bow and sparkling clutch and is guaranteed to be the talk of the party!



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Emily is making quite an entrance at the winter ball with her friends, Bailey & Matthew. She is arriving in style and comes bearing gifts for all those she holds dear. Wearing a festive holiday print dress, this 8-inch hare's ensemble includes a black velveteen jacket and matching ear bow. With a present in paw just for you, we know you won’t want to pass up this must-have holiday hare!



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Bailey and Emily might draw the crowd when it comes to good looking bears, but Matthew always finds a way to become the center of attention at the holiday festivities. He’s brought the bubbly this year, and is sure to uncork it to start the party off right. This 8" mocha bear is decked out in a green vest and red bow tie.


Santa & The Missus...Christmas Smooches


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There is no bigger lucky charm right before the big ride than a kiss from Mrs. Claus herself. Making sure she gives her "big guy" the send-off of the year, she meets her guy at his sleigh for one final smooch which he happily pauses for. A sprig of mistletoe and a Christmas smooch from the missus ensures that Santa will have the ride of the year!

Klaus Smoochbeary


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This festive Bearstone ornament features Klaus Smoochbeary, who is on the lookout for the perfect smooch! Klaus is ready to pucker up in his best Santa suit, and carrying mistletoe in paw hoping the right gal comes along! Attached 2014 dated charm flips over to reveal a holly design.

Buddy Elfkin...All Wrapped Up


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No one knows how to wrap presents like Buddy Elfkin...the master wrapper in Santa’s workshop! Dressed in his complete, festive elf ensemble…including boots and an elfin cap, Buddy is all wrapped up in his job of putting the tags on presents for the good little boys and girls who are going to be so excited on Christmas morning. He carries his own gift tag that reads "Keep Cozy this Christmas".

Buddy Elfkin


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If you like our Bearstone® figurine, you’ll love his ornament counterpart, Buddy Elfkin, who is smaller than the original but just as jolly! This little guy makes sure the gift-tagging job gets done right and comes with his own hanger and gift tag that reads "Keep Cozy this Christmas".

Williamsburg Traditions for the Holidays



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Daniel is celebrating Christmas at Williamsburg and he is perfectly dressed from tip to toe of his 10-inch stature. We've created authentic period style clothing for this rust bear, featuring a green overcoat with golden buttons, ruffled white shirt and red vest and topping it off with his black hat and festive holiday lantern.

Daniel...Traditions of Christmastide


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It's double the Daniel thanks to our hand-sculpted replica of the plush creation. This Bearstone figurine displays Daniel spreading tidings of good cheer as he travels the streets of the town. Daniel...Traditions of Christmastide is a great keepsake from your visit to Williamsburg or for bear collectors alike!



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Rebecca, our 10-inch holiday gal is dressed in the finest Williamsburg traditions around. She is dressed for a cool night of caroling on the streets of the town in a green dress with red velvet hooded cap and a comfy faux mink muff to keep her paws warm.

Rebecca...Yuletide Spirits


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Inspired by the plush version, we’ve created a hand-sculpted Bearstone replica of Rebecca just for you. A caroling she goes, dressed in a green dress with simple gold design with a red overcoat and faux mink muff to help keep her warm as the evening goes on. Rebecca...Yuletide Spirits is the perfect addition to your Williamsburg collection and holiday decor alike!

We’ll Flip Your Lid with these Holiday Treasures

Our holiday treasure boxes are the perfect accessory to your home décor and make even better gift boxes. Simply stash that little trinket inside and stuff it in their stocking for a simple and fun 2-in-1 holiday gift!

Santa's Festive Basket with Sticky McNibble


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Santa’s Festive Basket is filled to the tippet-top with hollies, berries and greens and was designed to look like Santa's coat cinched with a belt! Open the top to reveal Sticky McNibble snuggled inside with his very own elf hat and candy cane!

St. Nick's Sleigh with Orville McNibble


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It may be small but it is packed full of presents for good boys and girls all around the world! Our miniature sleigh is here to ensure Santa carries out his night ride, and will navigate the path from home to home on Christmas Eve. Flip it open and see Orville McNibble holding on to the big guy's Flight Plan!

Klaus's Mistletoe with Smooch McNibble


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Pucker up cause you will never know where you might be caught underneath Klaus’s Mistletoe! Our fun and festive treasure box is guaranteed to get you lots of kisses this holiday...and then some! You can flip open our ball of mistletoe to see Smooch McNibble holding a sprig of mistletoe, too…complete with inscribed "Holiday Kisses" message!

Decorate the Holidays with Jim Shore Designs!

Jim Shore's colorful and energetic folk art creations will bring fun into your holidays as it comes to life on our Boyds by Jim Shore's Holiday Collection. Every piece of our holiday-themed creations features a little bit of Boyds and a whole lot of detail as those vivid creations and patterns come to life.

Klondike with Crystal...Building Friendships


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Crystal is building the most perfect, snowy masterpiece and is taking her time as she puts the finishing touches on her work of art. You’ll find Jim Shore's award winning folk-art on his body, scarf, and base and we know you will not want to miss out on this heartwarming creation.

St. Nick with Buster...The Night Before Christmas


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Even dogs deserve gifts on the holidays, and Buster is no exception. This dog couldn't wait til morning to meet Santa, so he stayed up late to meet the "Big Guy". St. Nick wears a unique Jim Shore designed Santa suit and carries a patterned bag full of treats for good little boys and girls (and dogs!). This makes a great Holiday keepsake.

Artie Frostkin with Flake


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Jim Shore's vivid, holiday-themed, folk-art designs come to life in this snowman treasure box. Sweet snowman, Artie Frostkin, features vibrant artwork on his base and vest, and comes with a top hat and wire arms for easy holiday posing. Open it up where you will find Flake inside with his very own snowflake!

St. Nick's Boot with Kringle


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It’s not just any old boot...they belong to jolly ol’ St. Nick himself! This fancy treasure box boot is covered with folk-art designs in a wide array of colors that you have come to expect from artist, Jim Shore. Features an assortment of colorful packages found nestled inside, and flips open to discover Kringle inside with his own personal candy cane treat!

Klondike's Top Hat with Holly


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Just like that magical hat that Frosty wore, Klondike's top hat brings a certain kind of magic all its own. Thanks to the award-winning folk art designs of Jim Shore, this talented artist has taken this cap and turned it into something artful. Colorful design with candy canes and ribbon top it off, while this treasure box opens to find Holly sitting inside holding a "Got Snow?" sign.