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Fond Farewell Promotion
Celebrate your Holidays with Boyds! As a way to say thank-you to our many loyal retailers and collectors, Boyds is sponsoring a Fond Farewell promotion.
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You could win one of Six Grand Prizes - a Boyds Farewell Gift Basket(Retail value of $250), or a free gift.

Click below for complete details on this exciting promotion and to see a complete list of participating retailers!

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Please read: Special Announcement

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Dear Friend of Boyds,

In 2008, Enesco® purchased one of the leading plush and figurine brands in the industry, Boyds® Bears. Its reputation for excellence in the gift market had been well established by you in your support and devotion to Boyds. From the upscale materials used for the hand-cut fur in varying colors on each bear, the design of the muzzle and overall face, the apparel grade fabrics used in outfitting the bears, to the technology in their jointed bodies, Boyds Bears symbolized a recognized look and renowned quality to loyal fans and collectors.


Turn Up the Heat with Sunny Summer Bears from Boyds!
There is nothing like warm air and sunny skies to bring out the happy in everyone. We're excited to show you some of our favorite pieces that have been created to celebrate the summer holidays and special memory-making events alike.
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Teddy Patriot


It doesn't matter if your favorite military hero is down the street, stationed across the world or in the sand box so very far from home. This adorable teddy bear is a great way to show your love and support. Teddy Patriot is a military bear who is dressed in camouflage pants and hat and wears a white shirt proudly displaying the American flag. "My Soldier, My Hero" message makes the simple but bold statement shared by citizens all across the country.



Dedicated to all those biking folks who cannot wait for a warm day to rev those engines and hit the open road! Our pale pink pig, Skully, is all about riding free, high on the hog and letting his ears and curly tail blow wildly in the wind. Wearing a faux leather vest with skull and cross bone details and a matching doo-rag with more skulls than you've ever seen, this motorcycling swine makes a great gift for all motorcycle enthusiasts!

Caroline and Paw Pals


Sunny weather finds friends outside walking their pets and getting a little exercise for themselves and their four-legged friends. Caroline is our tribute to pet lovers everywhere. This sweet animal-lover has a soft side for everything furry and four-pawed and can be found walking her doggie in her jeans and red shirt. This sweet bear couldn't leave her kitty at home, so she's carrying her along for a stroll through the park. Makes a great treat for your favorite pet lover or the brand new owner of a very special pet!

Emily's Picnic Basket with Dagwood McNibble


When the days are warm and the daylight hours are long, there is nothing like packing a picnic and heading to the park to sit on a checkered tablecloth and relax while enjoying the finer things in life. Emily's Picnic Basket is full of good things including a cloth liner filled with grapes and cheese (and maybe a bottle of wine!). Flip the lid to find Dagwood McNibble seated inside with his own delicious treat! Message inside reads "Everyday's a Picnic!"

Bailey's Butterfly Jar with Flutter McNibble


You may think that catching fireflies is fun, but nothing beats catching butterflies and celebrating the most beautiful of flying creatures Mother Nature ever did see. These special butterflies are finding a new home in this hand-crafted butterfly jar. Bailey's Butterfly Jar is just that...from the rimmed edge to the glassy, mason jar shape that takes you back in time. Open it up to find Flutter McNibble, our very first butterfly McNibble nestled inside. Message reads "Butterfly Kisses."

Savannah Sproutling


There is nothing like sowing what you reap and Savannah Sproutling is no exception. She spent many spring days planting seeds to grow the tastiest of vegetables in town and she is just about ready to start harvesting them to sell at her corner vegetable stand. This sweet bear features yellow shorts and a multi-colored sleeveless top and apron with pockets for every gardening tool imaginable. A matching ear bow makes this garden guru a true keeper!

Kirstie Tillington...Summer's Bounty


She's worked hard all summer long in her garden and Kirstie Tillington is carrying summer’s bounty in the palm of her paws. Dedicated to garden lovers near and far, this intricately-sculpted gardening Bearstone® figurine has reaped the harvest of the warm sunshine. A little water and a whole lot of love, and you can see with just one look at her basket full of crops, just how generous Mother Nature has been to this gardener.

To get these summer-loving themed bears and friends, make sure you visit your Favorite Boyds Retailer before the sun goes down...because you never know when the last of these creations will be taken home and never to be seen again!

Celebrating Grads & Dads this Spring!
Springtime may be coming to an end but that doesn't mean there isn't reason to celebrate before the summer begins. Now is the time to celebrate two great events.
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The Graduate...Time to Celebrate


For Graduates near and far, our resin Bearstone® figurine, The Graduate...Time to Celebrate, is just the item to make them smile. This resin sculpture measures 4.72" high x 1.85" wide and helps us to celebrate years of hard work and dedication. This proud bear is dressed in a custom cap and gown as he holds that diploma in the highest of regard. Special quotation and room to personalize on the back, makes this piece the perfect graduation gift!

Sam Spangler


For those who know how to treat a dad well on his special day, Sam Spangler, is the bear for you. This 14" mocha colored bear is dressed in his finest barbeque gear to prepare his audience an outstanding grilling creation! This all-American trying-to-be-a-great-chef bear wears a "Star-Spangled Grilling" apron, carries his own spatula and is dressed in an ensemble of red, white & blue to show his pride for the good old U.S.A, too!

So what are you waiting for? Head to your Boyds Retailer and get these cuties to celebrate two great occasions!

Give Mom Some Love!
While afternoon teas, flowers, and dinners with family are always favorite gifts to give Mom on Mother’s Day, this year we are challenging you to give her something that will remind her day in and day out just how special she is! Our 2014 Mother’s Day Collection is a great way to let her know you love her and we are certain that one (or many!) of these pieces will just call out and say “pick me” when it comes to gift giving for that special Mom in your life!
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Momma Sweetlove with Bebe...Hugs To Remember


Momma Sweetlove and Bebe take time to celebrate a warm embrace like only a mom and child can do. This special, hand-sculpted Bearstone figurine shows the love that comes from that special hug…making this "Hugs to Remember" collectible the perfect way to give her a hug that lasts forever!

Mimi Sweetlove...Grandma's Special Recipe


When it comes to the kitchen, a Mom may know how to get dinner on the table, but Grandmas can really bake up some love like no other! Grandmothers are the sweetest of them all and should be celebrated for their “spoiling” kind of love that only they can give. Celebrate Grandma on this special occasion with a gift of Mimi Sweetlove as she whips up Grandma's Special Recipe!

Momma's Got-It-All Tote with Mabel McNibble

Item#: 4040526

You know the bag...the one Mom carries that has everything you need in it when any situation comes up. Got a cut, she’s got a band-aid! Got a loose button? Needle and thread on hand in a flash! Whether you need a pen, a brush, a piece of gum or even some aspirin or tissues, we are sure Momma’s Got-It-All Tote has it all inside! Flip open the top of this hinged treasure box to find little Mabel McNibble and a specially inscribed Mother's Day message just for her!

Mommy Sweetlove...Waiting for Baby


Celebrating those who are ready to welcome a brand new baby to the family, Mommy Sweetlove can’t help but already have fallen in love with the little one in her belly. As she waits to find out if it’s a boy or if it’s a girl, this glowing mommy to be is dressed in green and pink and ready for the excitement and challenges that motherhood has in store for her. And while no one could ever tell if her little bundle might wear blue or pink, we bet her mothering instincts have already kicked in and she just might have a clue. Makes a great gift for the expectant mom on Mother's Day or any day!

Can you believe this outstanding Mother’s Day collection we’ve put together? If you think that’s all, then we’ve got a great surprise...log into the Friends of Boyds sections (members-only, of course!) and see a few extra pieces from this year’s collection! They are just as great as these...and then some!

Tribute to Moms!
Paying sweet tribute to mothers everywhere is easy when you have great moms of your own to help drive creative ideas filled with love and exciting stories. As we designed this season’s collection, we couldn’t help but draw from our own childhoods in creating some of these masterpieces, and here are two of our very favorites...just for you!
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Mimi Sweetlove


Our grandma’s are from the days of baking up sweet confections by hand...putting lots of time and energy into hand mixing the batters and stirring in the love. So we know firsthand that if you wanted a little extra frosting on your tasty goods, grand-mom was gonna have to put in some effort to make it just right! Mimi Sweetlove is the sweetest grandmother of them all! This figurine depicts her as she bakes the most delicious Mother’s Day treat ever...her favorite way to celebrate the day and enjoying every one of her Grandma years along the way. Show grandma how much she means any day by giving her this delicious, heart-warming creation!

Mimi Sweetlove
Momma Sweetlove with Bebe

Momma Sweetlove with Bebe


Another fun fact from our younger days is when mom thought it was cool to dress us up to match her and then parade us around town! You wouldn’t catch a kid any age doing that now (for fear a friend might catch wind of it on Facebook, no doubt!), but we couldn’t help but bring that fun time back in this sweet mother & baby creation. Momma Sweetlove with Bebe are dressed in matching pink and lime green outfits – showing the world just how close their bond is and how much they love each other. There is no better way to show your love for mom than with this great Mother's Day pair (and if you’re really gutsy…dressing like her for the day!).

Don’t delay in getting these and the rest of the Mother’s Day collection for your family. Quantities are limited and only shipped once a year – so head to your favorite Boyds Retailer and get yours today!

Hearts of Gold Contest Winner
We are proud to announce the winner of our Boyds Bears “Hearts of Gold” promotion!
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We are proud to announce that Marcie Frishberg, of New Fairfield, Conn. is the winner of our Boyds Bears “Hearts of Gold” promotion. Marcie is a volunteer for the Rabbit Rescue & Rehab. Our Boyds Bears team is excited to make a $1,000 donation to the Rabbit Rescue & Rehab to help them continue their important work. To honor Marcie, our brilliant design team is busy working on a new bear based on her volunteer efforts! Congratulations Marcie! Your dedication and support of Rabbit Rescue & Rehab serves as an inspiration for all of us here at Boyds Bears. Thank you again to all who participated in this contest. We received so many stories from amazing volunteers and thank each and every one of you for having a heart of gold. Happy National Volunteer Week! We encourage you to check back for more news, updates and promotions so you know the latest and greatest from Boyds Bears!