Important News - August 15, 2014

Dear Friend of Boyds,

In 2008, Enesco® purchased one of the leading plush and figurine brands in the industry, Boyds® Bears. Its reputation for excellence in the gift market had been well established by you in your support and devotion to Boyds. From the upscale materials used for the hand-cut fur in varying colors on each bear, the design of the muzzle and overall face, the apparel grade fabrics used in outfitting the bears, to the technology in their jointed bodies, Boyds Bears symbolized a recognized look and renowned quality to loyal fans and collectors.

Enesco carried that mission even further by updating the costuming, introducing on-trend themes and launching innovative new formats such as Cuddle-Bums™ to the collection. Along each step of the way, it was your dedication to the well-appointed plush collection, Treasure Boxes, Bearstone figurines, and our Friends of Boyds® Collectors Club, which made our job in bringing Boyds to market so rewarding.

Due to the rising cost of manufacturing and materials, and the labor intensity required to deliver this award winning collection, it has become much more difficult to develop this beloved brand to the standards you deserve. This is true not only in plush, but also in the figurine collection, based on the level of detail required for Treasure Boxes and Bearstone figurines.

Sacrificing quality, detail or workmanship of this beautiful brand is not even a remote consideration, so we’ve made the difficult strategic decision to place Boyds into hibernation effective December 31, 2014.

Will Boyds re-emerge at a later date? It is a possibility, but for now it deserves the respect of a well earned “rest.” In 2015, Snowpinions™ Plush will move to Department 56 to join the Snowpinions brand.

We thank you for your many years of loyalty and devotion to the Boyds brand, whether it has been bringing it into your home, or bestowing it as a gift to someone very special. We encourage you to take advantage of the next few months to search for all of your Boyds favorites in retail stores while they are still available. You may use our retailer locator function on to find those last must-have bears that you simply want to add to your collection.

It’s never easy to say farewell. We can assure you that we are going to miss you as much as you will miss Boyds.


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